Upcoming gigs!

We are moving to Facebook! Send a message within Facebook to P David Allen II to be added to the Westerly Winds site on Facebook. We will also post information on the Dance Zone webpage at: http://www.dancezonemqt.com/

This webpage will be discontinued by summer of 2014.

We are playing at the Peter White Library in Marquette on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

Contact Nate Mann at yudamann@hotmail.com to book a gig!

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One Response to Upcoming gigs!

  1. Paul Wiese says:

    My wife and I have moved to Florida 3 years ago from the UP, and miss hearing your music! We plan to return to the UP for a brief visit in late September for our 25th anniversary, and wonder if you are playing any gigs around that time…We will change our travel plans to involve any date in late September or early October…Would love to hear the band play again, and dance to the music….
    Paul & Bonnie Wiese

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